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Every wedding is a new and unique opportunity to capture a memory to last a lifetime, and we are eager to shoot it from every angle!


In need of a professional photo shoot to enhance your portfolio, publish on social media, make a print, or surprise your loved ones? We have plenty of experience!


We’re there to make you and your guests relive your events like the were yesterday! We’ll make sure to capture all details and emotions too!


QUESTIONS? Let us give you an answer quickly!

Most frequently asked questions about our services are listed below. They can be of great help!

This highly depends on the shoot. For very professional model photography it’s not uncommon to work hard during several hours just for one perfect picture. For most ‘regular’ cases, we can say that approximately 20-30 photos will be made per hour. Albeit again - depending on the difficulty of the particular shoot.

We always inform you when we want to use the photos you are in. We have a special contract if necessary. Please feel free to contact us when in doubt!

Firstly we discuss your exact wishes, and show you several albums and styles. When we agree on the global outcome of the album, we start to make it and send you a first version when we’re done. You can then give your feedback which we will apply to a new version, and show you this once more. This time you can make a few new remarks, and only after complying to these we will print your album. That way you can be sure that the album will be fully according to your wishes!

Usually all shoots are published on your personal account within 10 working days, and a wedding shoot can take up to 4 weeks. Other difficult shoots can also take longer than usual, we will discuss this prior to taking the photos. If you have any strict deadlines, please let us know in time.

Yes you can, but only for personal use and NOT for publishing on the internet or elsewhere. We edit the photos according to our quality requirements and style. Any re-edits and publication of our photographs infringe upon our quality requirements, and is furthermore prohibited by law. Please contact us so we can discuss your wishes and edit the photos for you.


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